11.04.2011 12:44

The course of the Belarusian ruble in the electronic payment systems has become significantly different from the official rate of the National Bank since April 8. Thus, the course of Belarusian ruble in relation to other electronic currencies has devalued twice in EasyPay electronic system. Webmoney (WMB) system has also had changes in the Belarusian ruble, but not as significant as in EasyPay.

It is worth noting that it was impossible to purchase e-money in payment systems yandex-money, Webmoney, RUR MoneyMail and others on April 5-8. Exchanges resumed on April 8, but with completely different rates. According to the National Bank, the official exchange rates for April 11 are as follows: one dollar — Br3.050, one Russian ruble — Br108, euro — Br4397.

Willing to buy through EasyPay, for example, one will have to pay Br6.097 (EasyPay) per WMZ (USD) in Webmoney (WMZ) electronic system. One Russian ruble in the system yandex-money will cost 219 EasyPay-rubles, and in Webmoney (WMR) system — 221 EasyPay-rubles. The euro exchange rate is also almost twice higher than «real» courses — one «webmoney» euro is equal to 8 771 EasyPay-rubles.
When exchanging electronic money of other systems into the electronic equivalent of the Belarusian ruble in EasyPay system, there are the following rates: one electronic dollar — 2 897.5 EasyPay- rubles, electronic euro — 3997 EasyPay- rubles, Russian ruble in Webmoney system — 100.87 EasyPay- rubles. Exchange of Russian rubles in yandex-money system into EasyPay is temporarily disabled for technical reasons.

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