Belarus to Own NPP, Financed by Russia, Ministry of Energy

02.03.2011 16:00
Архив Редакция

Future Belarusian nuclear power plant, financed by Russia, will be owned by Belarus. This was stated by Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Mikhail Mikhadziuk on March 2. He also stressed that nuclear plant construction was planned to be carried out with Belarusian organizations' maximum participation. 

«The Belarusian side is sure to perform all the work it’s capable of. We will also take part in some specific work we have no experience in, but as learners,» RIA «Novosti» quoted Mikhail Mikhadziuk.

Preliminary work is being currently carried out in Astravets in Hrodna voblast, where it is planned to build NPP. The construction of road and railroad is underway; as well as the creation of the industrial base. About 120 people are trained in universities to work at the station; there will be the first seniors in three years. The EU has allocated a special grant of €2.2 million for training of specialists in the Joint Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research of Belarus.

Russia Guarantees Long-Term Supply of Fuel for NPP in Belarus, Energy Ministry

According to the developed draft intergovernmental agreement on the NPP construction in Belarus, Russia guarantees long-term supply of fuel for future nuclear plant for the period of the station’s operation. Meanwhile, according to the Deputy Minister of Energy, the Belarusian side does not preclude the use of alternative fuel supply for future nuclear power plant, BelTA informs.

Mikhail Mikhadziuk informed about the final stage of the NPP construction preparatory phase and Belarus’s preparations for the practical phase of the project. The Deputy Minister said that foreign experts appreciated the preparatory work in Belarus.

Mikhail Mikhadziuk stressed that energy security was the biggest strategic challenge for Belarus. According to the Deputy Minister, the construction of nuclear plants would provide diversification of energy supplies, reduce the cost of electricity production and give new impetus to the development of the economy as a whole.