Belarus to Pay Almost 200 Dollars for Gas, Gazprom

21.06.2010 16:40

The official representative of Gazprom, Sergei Kupriyanov, announced a new forecast on the growth of Russian gas prices for Belarus in 2010. According to the spokesman of the head of Russian holding, in the second quarter the cost of "blue fuel" for Belarus will amount to 185 dollars per thousand cubic meters, and in the third will reach 193-194 dollars.

Gazprom representative also reported that Russia was preparing to limit gas supplies to Belarus by 15% more from June 21 but not from June 22 as it had been stated earlier, RIA Novosti informs. In general, Russian company plans to cut supplies by seven million cubic meters, while the volume of supplies limitations does not reach 45 million cubic meters, or 85%.

As Telegraf already reported, earlier in Gazprom announced that in the second quarter gas price for Belarus will grow to about 184 dollars per thousand cubic meters, and for the year in average it will reach 187 dollars.

In the first quarter of 2010, under the terms of the contract Belarus was to pay 169 dollars for Russian gas, but Beltransgaz, referring to the agreement at the highest level, paid for supplies at last year’s price of 150 dollars. As a result, for the first quarter there have been accumulated Minsk’s arrears of 192 million dollars.

Belarus refused to comply with Russia’s ultimatum to sink the debt within five days period, established by Moscow on June 16, and as a result in the morning of June 21 Gazprom began to limit gas supplies.