Belarus to Put Satellite into Orbit in 2011

30.11.2010 15:57

Belarus has completed work on the establishment of the Mission Control Center of the new Spacecraft Remote Sensing. Belarusian satellite will be put into orbit together with Russian cluster launch in 2011. The new satellite will be lighter and more manoeuvrable than the previous one. His weight is going to be about 400 kg.

According to the chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Mikhail Miasnikovich, special attention will be given to the training of Belarusian companies to use space data. We are talking about forestry, forecasting of emergencies, weather forecasts and so on, «Narodnaya Volia» reports.

As Telegraf previously reported, space-based technologies will become one of the priorities for the Belarusian scientists in 2011-2015. «The country has no space industry and space science of its own, so we cooperate with Russia,» the first deputy chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus Vladimir Nedilko said. This trend is being developed within the union programs.