Belarus to Strictly Follow UN Resolution on Libya, Foreign Ministry

18.03.2011 16:08
Архив Редакция

Press Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh said that Belarus would be strictly guided by the resolution on Libya, accepted by the UN Security Council. "Belarus is considering the UN Security Council as a central element of the global security system. Its decisions are binding for all UN States," said a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. 

According to Andrei Savinykh, the UN Security Council adopted the resolution for «de-escalation of the conflict and protecting civilians.» «We expect that any actions of the UN member-states will meet this primary objective,» BelTA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman.

As Telegraf previously reported, the UN Security Council decided to establish no-fly zone over Libya on March 17. The resolution provides for the closure of airspace to Libyan aircraft, possible military action (except for the use of ground forces) and the freezing of accounts of Libya’s oil company and the country’s central bank. 10 of 15 members of the UN Security Council voted for the adoption of resolution, while there were also five abstentions, including Russia, China and Germany.