Belarusian Agriculture Reached High Results, Lukashenko

22.11.2010 10:31

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated agricultural workers on the Day of workers in agriculture and processing industry. "The innovative way of development of our agriculture and diligence of Belarusian villagers guarantee to further receive excellent results in the production of livestock and crop production," he said.

«Productivity of the industry has tripled in the recent five years. Processing industry is being fully provided with raw products and is developing intensively. The range of foodstuffs is being expanded, their quality is improving. The population of the country is fully provided with food; large amounts of food production are exported to various countries of the world,» he said.

As Telegraf reports, according to the head of the state, the selfless work of all employees and veterans of agriculture, processing and service organizations, enterprises for agricultural machinery and fertilizers production, as well as agricultural scientists are the basis for these excellent results.

The President expressed his gratitude to the workers and wished them and their families’ «good health, happiness and new labor victories in the name of a beloved Belarus.»