Belarusian Budget Deficit Amounted to $109.5 Million in January-February

23.03.2011 09:24
Архив Редакция

The national budget deficit amounted to Br330.7 billion ($109.5 million) in January-February 2011. According to the Ministry of Finance, state budget revenues amounted to Br4.4 trillion (13% of the annual plan) for the first two months of this year, expenditure budget - Br4.7 trillion (11.8% of the plan).

In the structure of state budget revenues amounted to a large share of revenues from foreign trade — Br1.1 trillion (15.7% of the annual plan). Income tax made Br294.8 billion in January and February of this year (12.7% of the annual plan), the value added tax — Br1.6 trillion (12.3%), excise taxes — Br511.3 billion (9.5%).
Nevertheless, as of March 1, 2011, the taxpayers owe the state Br56 billion. Debts to the state budget have increased by Br24 billion since the beginning of the year.

In the structure of budget expenditures the costs of a nation-wide activities amounted to Br2.2 trillion (12.9%) for the period. Expenditure of the national economy over the first two months of 2011 totaled Br540.6 billion (7.4%). Br1.1 trillion (12.3%) was allocated to finance the social sphere (social policy, education, health, physical culture, sport, culture and the media) from the state budget.

Meanwhile, according to Telegraf, back in January 2011, budget revenues exceeded costs. Revenues amounted to Br2.3 trillion ($765 million), or 7% of the annual plan, and expenses — Br2.1 trillion (5.4%). According to the Ministry of Finance, budget surplus amounted to Br199 billion ($66 million) in January.