Belarusian Car Owners to Continue Their Fight to Lower Gasoline Prices

16.06.2010 09:59

Organizers of "Stop-petrol" rally are waiting for an answer to their collective appeal to the Presidential administration, they sent on June 1 demanding to revise the procedure of wholesale prices formation on petroleum products by Belneftekhim concern. The activists intend to continue the distribution of protest symbols (labels).

«Further development of events will depend on answer to our appeal», one of the rally organizers, Konstantin Mikhailov, said.

Full of initiative car owner did not rule out the possibility to hold several demonstrative protests more like the one, which took place in Minsk on June 4 against the rise in gasoline prices by more than 15% since the beginning of the year, BelaPAN informs. The rally will take place if the officials continue to ignore the demands of motorists.

The organizers also planned to discuss with Belneftekhim representatives the issues of petroleum products pricing. However, the concern sent a refusal, motivating it that «all the exhaustive information on reasons to change petroleum products prices is promptly posted on Belneftekhim web-site».