"Belarusian Card" to Appear Not Earlier than in 2012, MIA

07.07.2010 11:02
Архив Редакция

In 2009, Belarusian officials have been actively talked about the creation of so-called "Belarusian card". However, as the head of Department of Citizenship and Migration of Interior Ministry, Alexei Begun, reported, the realization of this idea had been postponed so far.

«The Law on compatriots is still being prepared to consider, so whether it will be Belarusians card or card of some other person, is unknown yet. It is difficult to give any concrete motivation, it’s just postponed. Maybe, there was needed some time and some understanding of what a bill it would be», Alexei Begun explained.

To the date, there still no bill on «Belarusian card». In the best case, it will be developed by the end of this year, Deputy Director of the National Center of Legislation and Legal Research, Liudmila Panferova, said, European Radio for Belarus informs.

At present, taking into account the positions of our non-governmental organizations Batskaushchina and Radzima as well as representatives of state institutions, we are engaged in development of the concept of this bill. We are at such a stage that we have collected suggestions from all interested in it and analyzing them», the official informed.

Currently, the experts from the Centre are studying similar laws in 17 other countries to use foreign experience in Belarusian project. For example, Polish Card (Karta Polaka) (the document, which confirms person’s affiliation to the Polish people) has already been obtained by 17 thousand Belarusians. This document allows its owners to receive free one-year visa to Poland, to work and study freely in this country as well as start own business there.

It remains unknown, how much time the development of «Belarusian» card concept and of a relevant bill will take.

«If the concept is approved, then we can put this law in a plan of bills preparing. Then, during one year the relevant project is being worked out and introduced into the parliament. It is general procedure», Liudmila Panferova said.