Belarusian citizen Steals $200 Thousand from U.S. Taxpayers

20.01.2011 14:06
Архив Редакция

U.S. court accused a 31-year Belarusian citizen, living in Massachusetts, of the theft of above $200 thousand from the American taxpayers. This was reported in the U.S. Department of Justice on January 19. The Belarusian offender partially admitted his guilt and is waiting for a court verdict, scheduled for April 26. 

Man was accused of involvement in the international Internet fraud scheme, by which American taxpayers had been abducted their tax refunds. The Belarusian man pleaded guilty on one count of conspiracy and nine counts of Internet fraud, reports the «Voice of America.»

According to investigators, a citizen of Belarus and his partners managed web sites in the U.S. in 2006-2007, were allegedly authorized by the U.S. tax authority as services for free filing tax returns and claims for refund of tax overpayments for low-income taxpayers. However, their clients’ tax refunds were then remitted to bank accounts, controlled by fraudsters.

The Belarusian citizen may face a 20-year imprisonment and a fine of $250 thousand for participation in the criminal activity. In addition, the court may oblige him to fully indemnify each of the nine episodes of fraud. He may also be sentenced to five years in prison for the conspiracy.