Belarusian Communists to Support Lukashenko at Elections, CPB

29.11.2010 15:49

Communist Party of Belarus in a coalition with the "Left" parties and public associations will support the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko at the upcoming presidential elections.  Thi was stated by the Duty of the House of Representatives, the first secretary of Minsk city committee of the CPB, Igor Karpenko.

The Central Committee of the CPB adopted a corresponding appeal to the citizens of Belarus. According to the Communists, the Belarusian people under the leadership of Alexander Lukashenko were able to solve many difficult problems. First of all, they managed to overcome the crisis in the economy, to lay the foundations for sustained and innovative development, to strengthen national defense capability and to provide it with the proper order, to preserve the unity of the nation, to prevent a sharp stratification of society into the rich and the poor, BelTA informs.

«Belarus is becoming more interesting and open to the world, appealing to investors, a full-fledged political and trading partner,» it is emphasized in the appeal. The Communists are convinced that one shouldn’t allow «pseudo-liberals of various stripes plunge the country into chaos and disorder.»

The Communist Party calls upon the Belarusians to vote for the candidature of Alexander Lukashenko and his policies. «The country’s future largely depends on a civilian position of each of us, as well as on the active participation in the vote,» Igor Karpenko said.

The MP also added that during elections, as well as in the pre-election period, the Communists are active in the composition of election commissions at all levels and as observers. «Representatives of the CPB have joined the election campaign, during which they will carry out explanatory work among the population about the coincidence of the CPB main policy with the domestic and foreign policies, pursued by the current leadership of the country for the benefit of an absolute majority of citizens,» the Deputy concluded.