Belarusian Companies Must Register in the EU System

08.07.2010 17:04
Архив Редакция

All the economic entities and carriers of Belarus, operating in the EU, will have to register in the system of registration and identification of the EU entities. It was reported by European Commission's Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union.

Registration of Belarusian companies in the system of registration and identification of the European Union entities (Economic Operators Registration and Identification — EORI) is needed due to the fact that from July 1, 2010, the customs authorities of the European Union to intensify controls over import and export of goods into the EU territory, told in the State Customs Committee of Belarus.

Getting EORI number before the implementation of customs formalities within the EU territory will simplify the process of customs clearance and will help to avoid non-acceptance of customs declarations and import / export summary declarations.

In the SCC also noted that all organizations, realizing their business activities in the EU, are obliged to undergo one-time registration in EORI system. Each economic entity will be assigned a unique 17-digit identification EORI number, which they will be obliged to use. This single, recognized in the entire European Union territory, identifier is needed for all transactions and customs procedures in the EU.