Belarusian Criminal Police Revealed Details of "Fatin Maniac's" Murders

19.11.2010 10:26

A 40-year-old citizen of Mogilev, who committed two brutal murders in March 2010, has been recently sentenced to life imprisonment in a penal colony of special treatment by Mahileu Voblast Court. Media dubbed the killer "fatin maniac" right after the discovery of the second dismembered corpse at Fatina street in Mahileu.  A criminal admitted his guilt, but added that he "feels no remorse."

As the murderer says, he
killed the two women because they had called him a bomzh (vagrant). This
brought the offender out of balance. However, women were not far from
the truth. The man was fairly often out of job, making his living by odd
fobs and wasting the earned money on spirits.

His first victim, a
30-year-old local woman, was killed by «fatin maniac» in February;
another 35-year-old Mahileu woman was killed a month after the first
murder. Both victims were murdered in his apartment, where they were
drinking together, «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus» reports.

threw her face down, with my knee on her back and my arms, holding her
shoulders and head. She was gasping, asking the reasons for such a
treatment. I was keeping her this way for 10 minutes, until she finally
died,» a maniac told about his first victim.

«When he realized
that he had committed murder, he began disposing of the corpse. To make
it easier, he decided to dismember legs, arms, head, body; to cut out
the internal organs. Limbs were placed in an aluminum bucket, and head
and internal organs — into the packages. That night I started to take
the dismembered corpse out of the flat- hands and legs, packed in the
curtain, the body — in the woman’s red jacket. I threw something in a
vacant lot, something — into the Dnieper,» the murderer said.

Sperm Betraied Maniac

maniac treated his second victim likewise. Dead bodies, found by police
later, were so disfigured that they were hard to identify: men or
women. Maniac was arrested a couple of weeks later, and law enforcement
agencies managed to find him due to his sperm. It remained on the
blanket, the killer used for wrapping the chipped parts of his victims’

The second body having been discovered, the police
started to check all the men, living at Fatina street. As explained in
Mahileu court, all the suspects had been taken their saliva for
examination. It coincided with the sperm of one of the suspects. Later,
the experts also found traces of blood of both victims in his apartment.

A forensic examination has recognized a man of sound mind. The only diagnosis is alcohol addiction.