Belarusian Driver Pulled Pedestrian 10 km under his Car Bottom

20.01.2011 15:08
Архив Редакция

Minsk Traffic police is investigating the circumstances of an accident, in which a pedestrian was knocked down. The man's body was dragged 10 km under the bottom of the car - from Matusevich Street in the capital to Ratamka village, the chief of Minsk accident investigation department Ilia Volozin.

«A 42-year-old pensioner, who was crossing the road in the wrong place, was hit by BMW car. There was only a cap in the place of collision. According to the eyewitnesses, a pedestrian could be run over by a silver Ford right after the collision,» he said.

According to Ilia Volozin, the corpse of a pensioner was found in Ratamka a few hours later with all evidence of a collision, as well as the very Ford with typical damages,
«Expertise will show the reason and time of the pedestrian’s death. The driver of the Ford explains that he thought he had hit a snowdrift at Matusevich Street and then moved at a lower speed on a slippery road, so he noticed no changes in driving even after the corpse unhooked from the car 70 meters away the parking lot in Ratamka village.