Belarusian Elections — Test for EU, Czech Foreign Ministry

17.11.2010 09:15

The European Union is closely following everything that happens in the civil and political sectors in Belarus. This was stated by Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg at the meeting with the presidential candidate of Belarus Vladimir Niakliaeu in Prague on November 15. According to him, the presidential election is the main test for future decisions by both the Czech Republic and the entire European Union.

«We have consistently supported the democratic processes in Belarus and those, generating these processes. This attitude is  preserved today, so will be in the future. However, we consider it important to continue dialogue with the official Belarus,» said Karel Schwarzenberg.

Vladimir Niakliaeu reported that during a meeting with Czech Foreign Minister the results of the collecting signatures campaign had been discussed. According to the Belarusian politician, «the main problem, which is the monopoly of power over the vote count, has remained steadfast,» the campaign «Tell the truth!» commented.

«The real will of the citizens is out of discussion under these circumstances. Another election fraud is becoming real,» the potential presidential candidate noted.

«We drew attention of the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic to the difference between the «front» of the official Minsk and its «backyard». Do not be deluded by promises of President Alexander Lukashenko to Western diplomats. These words are only an imitation of activity in a direction, suitable for the European Union and the United States. And it is very important not to take an imitation for the real progress,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said.

Czech Foreign Minister also noted that Europe welcomed and supported the convergence of Democratic contenders. «It is very important for the opposition forces to unite,» Karel Schwarzenberg said.