Belarusian Eurobonds Devalue

01.03.2011 13:24
Архив Редакция

Price for the Belarusian Eurobond of the first release on the Russian market has fallen sharply, having thus fueled the record growth in their profitability. The effective yield to maturity has risen from 8.82% to 9.41% per annum for February 18-24, indicating a decrease in foreign investors' confidence in Belarus as a borrower.

However, the Belarusian ruble keeps on falling. So the cost of a basket of currencies against the Belarusian ruble has grown by 0.93% for the last week, with growth of 3.84% since December 31, 2010, «Belarusians and Market» reports.

The ruble against the U.S. dollar has not changed, but has risen by 1.1% against the Russian ruble and by 1.6% — the euro.

As Telegraf previously reported, according to the national statistical authorities, Belarus ranked 7th in the growth of consumer prices among the former USSR countries in January 2011. Price growth amounted to 1.4% against December 2010. The top six countries include Armenia (2.8%), Kyrgyzstan (2.7%), Russia (2.4%), Georgia (2.1%), Tajikistan (1.9%) and Kazakhstan (1.7 %).