Belarusian GDP has Grown by 6.6 % for Half Year

12.07.2010 16:01
Архив Редакция

Gross Domestic Product of Belarus in the first half this year has increased by 6.6, % to the level of the similar period of 2009 and has made 69.54 trillion roubles (about 23.14 billion dollars). Such data are contained in the report of National Statistical Committee (Belstat).

Industrial manufacture output has made 72.6 trillion roubles (24.15 billion dollars), having increased by 8,8 % in comparison with the first half of 2009.

According to Belstat, the agricultural products amount has increased by 4.3 % to 9.47 trillion roubles (3.15 billion dollars), investments into fixed capital have grown by 4 % and have made 2.1 trillion roubles (698.8 million dollars), AFN informs.

Retail goods turnover has increased by 15 % to 30.82 trillion roubles, i.e. to 10.25 billion dollars.

Inflation has made 4.1 % in Belarus from the beginning of the year

Besides, according to National Statistical Committee, inflation in Belarus has made 0.2 %, in June and it was 4.1 % from the beginning of this year. In annual calculation (by June of last year) inflation has made 6.9 %.

Provisions rose in price by 0.1 % in June and by 4.1 % from the beginning of the year. Nonfoods has increased respectively by 0.3 % and 5 %.

The prices and tariffs for paid services to the population increased by 0.3 %, in June and by 3 % from the beginning of the year.

The manufactured products in June grew by 0.9 % in June by 8.7% since January.

The forecast for 2010 provides restriction of growth of consumer prices within 8-10 %.