Belarusian Military to Inspect U.S. Military Unit

12.01.2011 13:48
Архив Редакция

The inspection team of Belarus will be on a visit to a military unit of the U.S. armed forces, located in Germany, on January 12 - 14. Visiting will be held to assess the information, provided by the U.S. to the OSCE member-countries on personnel, major weapons systems and military equipment of this unit under the Vienna Document of 1999.

Also, representatives of the armed forces of Belarus and Poland hold a meeting in Warsaw on January 11 — 14, the Defense Ministry reported. The purpose of the meeting is to assess the implementation of agreements on a set of complementary measures to the Vienna Document of 1999 on confidence-building and security. Belarusian delegation is headed by the Head of the National Agency for the Control and Inspection Department of Defense, Colonel Oleg Gorbach.

Reference: The Vienna Document of 1999 on Confidence and Security Negotiations was adopted by the decision of the OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation at Istanbul OSCE summit on November 16, 1999. Its goal was a phased implementation of new and effective actions, aimed at strengthening confidence and security, disarmament, prevention of the force use in international relations. 56 OSCE member-states are participants of the document.