20.04.2011 09:26

Nuclear energy projects, which are carried out without compliance with international safety standards and are located near the borders of NATO, represent a threat to security of the Alliance. This was stated on April 18 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Audronius Ažubalis at a meeting with the President and Secretary General of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Karl Lamers and David Hobbs, respectively.

«Projects of unsafe nuclear power, implemented at the borders of NATO, represent a direct threat to the security of the Alliance, so this issue, vitally important for the international community, should cause the entire Alliance’s concern,» said the head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, reports DELFI.

According to Telegraf, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania Audronius Ažubalis stated on April 8 that Belarus’s decision to build nuclear power plant at the site near Astravets, 50 kilometers away from Vilnius, is a provocation. «There is a range of measures for Lithuania to make the situation clear so that the the NPP area could be removed from the border with Lithuania. The current decision of Belarus is nothing but a provocation,» said the Lithuanian Minister.

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