Belarusian Politicians Show Disrespect for Russia, Babakov

07.07.2010 14:36
Архив Редакция

Vice-Speaker of Russia's State Duma, Alexander Babakov, commented on the article of the head of the Council of the Republic of Belarus, Anatoly Rubinov, in which the academician had written that the president of Belarus had became the head of the Republic as a result of competition, but had not been brought to power "by the hand" as last Russian presidents did. According to Alexander Babakov, thereby Belarusian politicians show disrespect to Russia.

«Those, who write various articles on this topic today, would have to respect the choice of our people. Especially, taking into account our historical ties and current relations. And what we read today is a lack of respect», vice speaker of Russia’s State Duma said, informs.

Alexander Babakov urged to recall the circumstances, when Vladimir Putin (Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — Telegraf) run for his first presidential elections, as in 1999, Dagestan was defended by citizen soldiers — ordinary citizens of Russia.

«It was not a time when someone could bring somebody «by the hand». And if someone brought Vladimir Putin to the chair of the president, then the name of this «someone» is the Russian people. The people who wanted to protect the country, to keep Russia united and strong», Alexander Babakov stated.

Moscow does not believe in empty promises and assurances, Babakov

«Moscow, as it’s known, does not believe in tears. Moscow does not believe in empty promises and assurances. Especially of those, who declares that «we do not ask our ally for any subsidies and preferences», simultaneously receiving tremendous benefits thanks to unique low prices for energy», vice-speaker of Russian State Duma stated, commenting on the article of the head of the Council of the Republic of Belarus.

According to Alexander Babakov, Russia believes in work. «The main thing: it believes in friendship and common future of the Russian and Belarusian peoples, their cooperation and integration», Deputy Speaker of State Duma of the Russian Federation said. «And therefore it supports its neighbors: supplying cheap gas (at 184 dollars — the lowest price among the CIS countries), supplying duty-free oil for Belarus’ domestic consumption (6.3 million tons).
«What we get in return, everyone sees and knows. And some things can not be called nothing else but politicking», Alexander Babakov summed up.