22.04.2011 11:00

Minsk stores have refused to apply the maximum trade mark-ups to prevent the growth of consumer prices. This was stated by head of the main consumer market of Minsk City Executive Committee Valentin Baidak on April 21. According to him, retail companies use 20% trade mark-ups, although they could have increased them to 40% or even more depending on market conditions and demand.

«Retailers cannot boast of high profitability. The level of profitability of the Food Network amounted to 1% in January-March, non-food — 2.8%. That is, retail trade in Minsk does not mark up at maximum in this situation,» BelTA quoted Valentin Baidak.

Head of the consumer market of Minsk City Executive Committee recalled that there was an increased customer demand for certain non-food products in Belarus in early March; in particular, import household goods, technical-TV equipment and household appliances. Thus, according to the official, daily implementation of televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and kitchen has almost doubled in Minsk.

«In this situation, some importers have stopped the supply of goods, taking the position of waiting. Others have dramatically changed the payment terms of goods delivery. Today, all new consignments come at significantly increased prices,» stated the Head of Department of the City Committee.

Meanwhile, according to Valentin Baidak, the government should create all conditions for a balance between effective demand and product supply to make the price of goods available to buyers.

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