Belarusian Student Invented Supereconomical Light Bulb

24.03.2011 14:42
Архив Редакция

Ninth-grade pupil of Vitsebsk secondary school № 38 Aleksei Shustov invented the LED light bulb, which is four times more economical than incandescent lamps. "This lamp can serve twenty years. It will repay for itself in about two years and will turn out to be twice or thrice more profitable ten years later," said the schoolboy. He's been using LED lamps at home for two years.

Aleksei Shustov was awarded for a new cost-bulb at the city competition of children’s creativity «Eureka.» A young man arrived at his invention, comparing the effect of an ordinary lamp, light bulbs, energy saving bulbs and LED. It turned out that one bulb needs as much electricity as four LED equal in the intensity of illumination, reported «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus.»

The only fault of the invented LED lamp is its high cost. Aleksei Shustov made the bulb’s body himself, but the LED strip and some other parts cost more than Br60 thousand (about $20). However, according to the inventor, the costs must be recouped because the lamp will work twenty years.