20.04.2011 14:29

Belteleradiocompany won a lawsuit against the newspaper "Narodnaya Volia," the reason for which was an article titled "Gebbels-TV" speak and show." "The article was devoted to the movie "Square. Iron on the glass," shown on the Belarusian television after Minsk rally dispersal, following the presidential elections on December 19, 2010. Belteleradiocompany has proved that "Gebbels-TV" channel is not officially registered in Belarus.

«Representatives of the state television has appealed to the fact that their structure is formally called the National State Television and Radio Company of Belarus, while «Gebbels-TV» channel is not registered in Belarus at all,» «Nasha Niva» quotes the deputy editor of the newspaper.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Ministry of Information issued a warning to the newspaper «Narodnaya Volia» for the article «Khto pachue slogan «Syhodz!»?» («Who will hear the slogan «Go away!»?»), published for September 28, 2010. The material was devoted to the campaign «Syhodz!,» conducted by «Young Front,» registered in the Czech Republic. Justice ministry regarded the publication as «the dissemination of information on behalf of  the organization, having not held the state registration in due course.»

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