Belarusian Woman Died in Goa after Drug Abuse

11.03.2011 14:59
Архив Редакция

death of a 28 year-old citizen of Belarus, Olga Babich. Her body was found in a river near one of the local villages. It is known that prior to her death she'd been taking drugs along with her boyfriend Mikhail Chikin and their mutual friend (presumably a citizen of Russia). Nevertheless, the cause of her death has not yet been called. 

The investigation revealed that on Monday evening, March 7, a woman with two men was seen in the room, she’d been renting for the last five months. Young people were taking ketamine there and were so noisy, that the neighbors had to call the police.

Tuesday morning, Mikhail Chikin was taken to the hospital with an overdose. The man told police that when he awoke at about 06:00, his girlfriend was not in. He waited until 10:00 and then decided to commit suicide by smashing his head on the bottle.

The same afternoon, Olga Babich was found dead. Police are currently looking for the Russian citizen. The man is known to own a coffee shop in Arambol in the north of Goa, reports The Times of India.

Initially, the police decided that the girl had committed suicide under the influence of drugs. However, the official version of events has not been announced, as the police is waiting for an autopsy. Meanwhile, the case is hampered by the fact that an autopsy is impossible without proper authorization of either relatives of the deceased or the Belarusian embassy. State Police has already sent a request to the authorities.