Belarusian Woman Sentenced for Having Sex in City Center

17.11.2010 14:16

Leninski district court of Minsk found a 34-year-old married woman guilty of Article №339 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("Hooliganism") for oral sex, performed at Karl Marks Street in central Minsk in summer 2010. The court sentenced the woman to one year's imprisonment, suspended for a year. The court will decide on the punishment a year later.

A woman and a young man, who worked as the builder in the yard, decided to make oral sex five minutes after their acquaintance. They were embarrassed neither by the children, running about the yard, nor passers-by, nor even the fact that everything was watched and filmed on a mobile phone by the young man’s colleagues.

A yardwoman could not stand such a behavior of young people. Together with the master of Utility Housing Department she called the police and several minutes after the offenders were taken by the patrol car. According to the assistant prosecutor of Leninski district of Minsk Alexander Svatko, the young people  grossly violated public order by their actions and expressed a clear disrespect for society, «characterized by exceptional cynicism.» The Assistant Attorney said that the offenders had expressed «extreme contempt for the basic values of society,» «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus» reports.

However, the 28-year-old man, with whom the married Minsk woman had been engaged in oral sex, fled from the police. He has been declared wanted and has been searched for several months. The young man was detained when he committed another offense — crossing the road in the wrong place. Policeman, having found  in the database, that the man was wanted, immediately informed the police. Now the young man is arrested and is waiting for trial in detention.