11.04.2011 20:50

Bank deposits in national currency decreased by almost Br1.2 trillion in March and amounted to less than Br23.9 trillion ($7.84 billion) in the beginning of April. Of this deposits in the Belarusian ruble fell by Br1.18 trillion ($ 386.89 million), in foreign currency - by $40.4 million.

Deposits in national currency amounted to more than Br9.7 trillion, in foreign currency — more than $4.65 billion at the beginning of April. For comparison, deposits grew by 2.1 trillion ($ 688.53 million) during the first two months of 2011, reported the National Bank. Total growth of ruble and foreign currency deposits of individuals for the first quarter of 2011 amounted to slightly more than Br922 billion, or 4%.

Deposits in national currency for the period decreased by Br103.8 billion (1.1%), while deposits in foreign currency rose by $272.1 million (6.2%).

«In accordance with the Belarusian legislation, safety of people’s savings is fully guaranteed in all banks. In addition, the incomes of citizens from placing funds in bank deposits are not taxed,» said the National Bank.

As Telegraf previously reported, the number of those, willing to take deposits in foreign currency from Belarusian banks has dramatically increased in late March. Experts believe that banks may face with serious difficulties in return of deposits because of the unstable situation with the currency on the domestic market. In early April, the National Bank promised not to freeze foreign currency deposits of the population.

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