13.04.2011 16:41

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that a peaceful and stable environment, which has long been in the country, "has lulled everyone too much." Speaking at the meeting on progress in investigating the terrorist attacks in Minsk, the Head of State said that the Belarusians needed "strictest order, organization, clarity and coherence" to survive after such a tragedy. "And our people are ready for this," the president said.

«From now, all Belarusians must understand that without a radical change in attitudes towards themselves, their life, work, family, their children and others we won’t reach those lofty goals that we have set for ourselves,» quoted Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA.

According to the President, the most important lesson, which Belarus has learnt from the tragic events in Minsk subway, is the formation of the environment the Belarusians live today.

Democracy in Belarus Has Nothing to Do with Democratization Imposed on us, Lukashenko

«Slackness, carelessness, lack of discipline and organization is unacceptable today. All this talk about democracy and democratization, imposed on us from outside, has nothing to do with the true democracy and the rule of the people that should be and there actually is in our country,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

As an example of agreed actions, Alexander Lukashenko has recalled behavior of those who witnessed the explosion in the subway, directly in the first few minutes after the attack.

«No panic, one after another, injured himself — takes his neighbors, simply bystanders, out like friends on the battlefield. In the smoke and dust, seeing no people, nothing, they took out and save people, being themselves in a difficult state. This is another characteristic of our nation,» said the president.

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