Belarusians of Moldova to Back Lukashenko at Elections

08.11.2010 12:54

Belarusians of Moldova declared that they would back incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko in the upcoming elections. Ethnic Belarusians expressed confidence for Alexander Lukashenko to be the best candidate for the presidency. It was confirmed in their address, the text of which had been approved by the Council of Belarusian communities in Moldova.

The letter says that the Belarusians of Moldova inextricably link the name of Alexander Lukashenko with the achievements of modern Belarus and the Belarusian people’s confidence in the prosperous future and, therefore, they declare their support on the eve of presidential elections, BelTA informs.

«We are delighted with roads, clean cities and villages; the industrial potential of the country, without corruption, with the rule of law and a great deal of attention to environmental, health and education problems. We are delighted with the way people live in Belarus, especially children and old people, being protected by the state,» the Belarusians of Moldova stressed in their address.

Belarusians of Moldova Open a Sunday School for Children

The Belarusian community in Moldova is planning to resume on a new basis the activities of Sunday school for children. Pupils will be taught the Belarusian language, literature, history, culture, traditions and customs of their ethnic homeland. This was reported by the chairman of the Belarusian communities in Moldova Yuri Statkevich.

Such a Sunday school worked for three years from 2005 to 2008. Members of the Belarusian communities in Moldova ruled the teaching process, but some of them, as noted by Yuri Statkevich, faced difficulties in conducting lessons for the lack of a special education, as well as the venerable age.

Now with the in-flow of young teachers in the Belarusian community in Moldova it was decided to resume the activities of the Sunday school for Belarusian children, with particular emphasis on preparing high school students to enroll in the Belarusian universities. Children will learn the subjects on the basis of educational programs, received from the Belarusian side.

In addition, the board of the Sunday school plans to create a museum of Belarusian culture to display costumes, elements of folklore, books, souvenirs and other items, related to the Belarusian culture, literature, history, traditions and customs.