Belarusians Organized Campaign of "Silent Solidarity" — Video

09.06.2011 10:34

Evening, June 8, an action of "silent solidarity" took place in Minsk and other regional centers of Belarus. Activists of the popular social network "Vkontakte," "Revolution through a social network" and those who responded to their initiative, went out onto the main squares of their cities to protest against the policies of the Belarusian authorities.

Minsk residents gathered on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk around 19:00. People came without any symbols, banners and other overflowing attributes, totaling four hundred men. The action was held without any arrests, BelaPAN.

A similar rally was held on the square near the House of Soviets in Mahiliou. It was attended by about fifty townspeople.

«We came to show without any symbolism and any sort of resistance that we are not satisfied with the situation in the country — both economic and political. We want to show through our action that we do not want any bloodshed, any victims, we just want to change something in our country, so we’re just sitting, walking, contacting — nothing illegal,» said one of the participatnts of «silent solidarity.»

«We’re just walking around, thus showing discontent with rising prices. The government should realize that we are against and something should be changed both economically and politically,» said another participant of the event.

Brest’s central square was attended by more than a hundred people for «silent solidarity.» Region actions were also held without detention. The event is planned to become regular.