Belarusians should be Thrifty rather than Tighten their Belts, Lukashenko

14.06.2011 16:10

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demands to minimize the cost of construction of agricultural facilities. "We must be thrifty and save now. But this does not mean that our "conversant" (Minsk opposition - Telegraf) in Minsk teach to tighten our belts. Belt tightening is not necessary," said the head of state.

As the president said during a visit to the agricultural enterprise «Ozeritsky-Agro» in Smalavichy district, the main thing today is not to stop construction, BelTA informs.

«We need to work as before, but we should consume at least 30-33% less and reduce costs. A lot can be done in agriculture. We can do this,» stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

In particular, the President offered cheaper construction, «focusing on the timber,» instead of metal, cement, gravel.

By 2015, Alexander Lukashenko instructed to build a modern cattle complex in each sector. «We know what direction we should go to in agriculture. No need to be oriented towards rates and speculation, we must quietly move in the chosen direction,» said the president.