Belarusians to Pay Fines for "Stop Petrol" Protesters on June 10

10.06.2011 11:13

Fines of protesters "Stop petrol" are planned to pay on June 10 from funds collected on the initiative of the Belarusian public. According to the director of information and educational institutions "For Auto," Artem Sharkov, the activists have collected more than Br3 million for two days.

The money will be used to pay fines of the detained protesters. Dmitri Kuvalgin and Pavel Hruzdzilovich are fined 20 basic units (Br700 thousand), Alesya Makas and A. Redkin — 15 basic (Br525 thousand). The amount of the fine of another detainee, I. Pribylski, is still unknown.

According to Artem Sharkov, fund raising to pay fines ended on June 9 in the parking lot at the Zhuravіnka restaurant in the center of Minsk. The activists noticed a bus with riot police for special purposes by the restaurant about an hour after the start of a spontaneous meeting; as a result, the activists were forced to disperse, BelaPAN.

«For Auto» activists will send the remaining amount after payment of fines to charity. «We’ll visit the orphanage and give the money, along with gifts,» said Artem Sharkov.

As Telegraf previously reported, June 7, Belneftekhim raised retail prices of motor fuels by 31%. In response, there was a large-scale protest of motorists in Minsk in the evening on June 7, attended by about 1.6 thousand people. Several protesters were detained by police and fined. In addition, the police promised to evaluate and bring «the organizers of protests» to administrative or criminal liability.