Belaruskali Privatization to Bring in Seven Billion Dollars, Government

30.06.2010 14:57

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, answering questions of the MPs stated that the government intended to receive six or seven billion dollars after sale of Belaruskali shares. The First Deputy emphasized that the control interest of the holding would not be given to anybody.

«The country needs free money, not credits, even under 2-3 % because they are also the credits which we are to repay «, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus said, BelaPAN informs.

Vladimir Semashko considers that if there is a good shareholder who buys the holding, the budget can receive six or seven billions dollars which can be spent on national economy development.

Belaruskali supervises 15 % of world export of potash fertilizers. The exclusive seller of its products is the Belarusian potash company, which owns  Belaruskali on equal footing with the Russian company Uralkali.