08.04.2011 12:28

One of the founders of the Polish law on "Polish Card" Mikhail Dvorchik has stated that the decision of the Constitutional Court of Belarus has a very little impact on the issuance of "Polish Card." He says that the Belarusian authorities has initially hampered the functioning of the law, putting pressure on people, willing to receive the document, thus preventing the arrival of Polish consuls, responsible for the document's issuance.

According to Mikhail Dvorchik, introduction of «Polish Card» was aimed at moral compensation to people for loss of Polish nationality. The developer of the document has stated that the decision of the Belarusian authorities doesn’t matter in light of international law. «While working on the law, we were consulting our neighbors. It was also analyzed for compliance with the European law,» he said, reports Belsat TV channel.

In turn, the head of the legal committee of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Harry Pahanyajla, has stressed that «the Constitutional Court’s opinion is an opinion for internal use.» He’s explained that Poland adopted the law as a sovereign state, and Belarus cannot influence it.

According to Telegraf, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus, having considered the suggestion of House of Representatives on April 7  about compliance of Poland’s law on «Polish Card» with the international law, has concluded that certain provisions of Polish law does not correspond to certain international treaties.

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