Belneftekhim Reduced Petrol Prices by Lukashenko's Order

09.06.2011 09:27

June 9, state-owned firm Belneftekhim lowered the retail prices of motor fuel by about 13-22%. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko required "Beneftekhim" to cancel a 30% fuel price hike, held on June 7.

Fuel prices didn’t reach the previous level, but declined substantially. Thus, the cost of diesel fuel decreased from Br5.1 thousand to Br4.45 (by 12.7%), gasoline «Normal 80» — from Br4.95 thousand to Br4 thousand (19.2%), Au-92 — from Br5.1 thousand to Br4.2 thousand (17.6%), Ai-95 — from Br5.8 to Br4.5 thousand (by 22.4%).

Belneftekhim has made no official statement regarding the decline in prices yet, but Minsk gas stations set the new prices after midnight on June 9.

According to Telegraf, June 7, Belneftekhim raised retail prices of motor fuel by about 31%. In response the Belarusian motorists held «Stop petrol» protest the same evening. Most large-scale action took place in Minsk and was attended by about 1.6 thousand people.

June 8, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the traditional meeting on urgent issues of economy ordered to reduce fuel prices. «Let’s come to an agreement: the fuel  price won’t be Br5.2-5.1 thousand tomorrow morning, but Br4.5 thousand maximum,» said the president.