Belneftekhim to Restrict Fuel Sale at Gas Stations

23.03.2011 09:57
Архив Редакция

Belarusian state concern Belneftekhim intends to take measures to prevent the increase in gasoline and diesel fuel export, purchased at the Belarusian gas stations (petrol stations). For this purpose concern may limit the number of take-out gas station fuel in the near future.

The amount of exported high-quality Belarusian fuel, sold at gas stations of the country, has increased in recent years. Belneftekhim explain this situation by the difference in car fuel prices in Belarus and in the neighboring states.

So, according to Belneftekhim, as of March 18, the price of a liter of diesel fuel in Lithuania exceeds its price at the Belarusian gas stations by 85%, in Latvia — by 92%, in Poland — by 80%, in Ukraine — by 21%. The cost of AI-95 petrol at the gas stations in Lithuania is 61% higher than in Belarus, in Latvia — 57%, in Poland — 53%, Ukraine — 7%. Liter of AI-92 petrol is 18% more expensive in Ukraine than in Belarus, while a liter of H-80 gasoline — 20% higher.

Against this background, according to Belneftekhim, the growth of diesel fuel sales at the petrol stations was 128% in January-February 2011 against the same period last year. The rate of diesel fuel realization growth was 153% at the border stations of Brest voblast; 127% — in Vitsebsk voblast and 198% — in Homel voblast. Sales growth of motor gasoline has also been recorded.

The company explain that this trend «not only adversely affects the availability of fuel Belarusian consumers, but also reduces the possibility of export of petroleum products by Belarusian oil refineries.» «This, according to the agreed formula for price calculating, increases the cost of the Russian oil, shipped to Belarus, which, consequently,  adversely affects the profitability of the refineries,» told the concern.

Since refinery activity taxes are an important source of state budget, revenues from the illegal activities of citizens, exporting fuel from Belarus, cause material damage for the majority of Belarusians.

«Being well aware of the fact that Belarus is a transit state, fully ensuring its population with automotive fuel at reasonable prices, Belneftekhim is forced to take measures, appropriate to the situation, to prevent further increases in gasoline and diesel fuel export abroad, purchased at gas stations of the republic, thus preventing the county’s economy from damage,» summed up in Belneftekhim.