Belorusneft Restricts Fuel Sale Again

15.06.2011 15:05

The largest state operator of gas station network in Belarus has reintroduced restrictions on fuel sale for trucks on June 12. "Marginal rate of one refueling for trucks amounts to 200 liters now, regardless of the calculation form (cash, bank cards, currency, non-cash, fuel cards)," the company said.

«These measures are introduced at all stations of the republic in connection with the adoption of Decree № 755 by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of June 11, 2011 «On some measures for the protection of the consumer market,» reported in Belorusneft.

SCC to Check Foreigners’ Car Tanks

In order to limit the export of fuel out of the country customs officials will check cars belonging to all individuals, including foreigners, except for the representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations and members of their families, as well as natural persons with working visas issued by member countries of the Customs Union or by foreign countries.

Special fee for exceeding the export limits, set by the government, shall be paid before the goods are exported from Belarus outside the territory of the Customs Union in rubles or foreign currency at the rate of National Bank on the date of payment and shall be credited to the state budget.