22.04.2011 12:01

April 21, arrears of "Belposhta" to "Mail of Russia" on money transfers between the two countries amounted to RUB195 million ($6.9 million dollars). Belarusian postal operator is unable to repay, because it can get currency for this, reported "Belposhta" first deputy general director Hennadi Demyanenko.

«One can’t buy the currency to settle accounts with the Russian side,» he was quoted by RIA «Novosti» news agency.

Thursday, April 21, «Belposhta» stopped receiving international remittances in the Belarusian rubles. According to Hennadi Demyanenko, the problems with currency in Belarus caused the tenfold increase in transfers’ amounts — including to Russia. Deputy Director of «Belposhta» explained that the transfer to Russia — one of the legal schemes by which citizens of Belarus can convert local currency into the foreign one.

As for the «Post of Russia,» the administration of the operator does not know how much they can wait for the debt repayment without breaks in payments to customers.

As Telegraf previously reported, Russia’s postal operator warned customers on April 21 about the possible termination of payment of postal orders from Belarus.

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