BMZ and Michelin May Sign Long-Term Cooperation

15.03.2011 11:35
Архив Редакция

Belarusian Steel Works (BSW) and the French company Michelin, which is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, are going to develop long-term relationships and possibly sign a new contract. The decision was taken during a visit of Michelin's representatives to the Belarusian company, held on March 1. 

It was observed during negotiations with BSW administration that the plant had produced 17 thousand tons of steel (17% of total deliveries), and 6 tons of bead wire (20% of total deliveries) for Michelin for 2010. At the moment, the French company is the second European buyer of BSW products.

Thus, the Purchasing Director of French company Laclo Istvan appreciated the cooperation between the two organizations. In his opinion, both companies are able to expand communications, BSW press center reports.

Together with representatives of Michelin, plant employees attended the company Belmet Handelsgesellschaft mbH, working in the Belarusian commodity distribution network in Austria.

«We saw the production with good working equipment and make sure that the BSW staff cares about the quality of products. This is particularly impressing, as quality is of paramount importance for Michelin. Our company is known as one of the most demanding customers, and this severity applies both to the suppliers and our own firm. As a result, we produce the world’s best tires. All suppliers of Michelin are the best manufacturer in their industry, and this statement is certainly true for BSW as well. For us, your plant is an important supplier, and we are confident that this visit will contribute to a more dynamic development of our businesses and, above all, increase the volume of orders,» said Istvan Laclo.

The company may sign a cooperation contract for five years in 2012 in connection with a decade of joint collaboration, he added.