BPF Stays Away from Other Contenders, Yanukevich

09.11.2010 12:31

BPF party gave up coordination with opposition candidates for presidency on the issue of a possible single candidate from the democratic forces in the presidential elections. "Strategically, we are not on the road with any of the contenders for the presidency," the BPF chairman Alexei Yanukevich said.

«From the beginning of this election cycle we have chosen a course, aiming at the protection of national interests. The most urgent problem for us in this election is a victory of the BPF candidate Rigor Kastuseu, and less important objective is a preservation of political and economic independence of Belarus,» Alexei Yanukevich said, Euramost.org.

According to the politician, union with the other opposition candidates will not help BPF to solve the set strategic objectives. «Certainly, we are coordinating on some tactical issues and are willing to further coordinate our actions, but in terms of strategy, we do not see what we could do together,» the party leader said.

According to Alexei Yanukevich, under the tactical issues he understands the coordination of information, observation, suggestions for changing the conditions of elections. «These are absolutely evident fundamental things, valuable for all the opposition candidates, and that is why we, certainly, participate in such actions and even initiate some of them. The signature of Kastuseu was also placed under the complaint, reviewed by the Central Electoral Commission on Friday,» the politician said.

In this case, Alexei Yanukevich assures that the position of the BPF won’t change after the registration of contenders for the presidency as candidates. «In case of registration of our candidate, we’re going to move towards victory. In case of non-registration, we will probably concentrate on organizing the protests, but at present I do not see a candidate, worthy being supported by our party,» the party leader said.