Britain Begins to Deny Visas for Belarusian Chernobyl Children

13.07.2010 13:41
Архив Редакция

Britain began to deny visas for Belarusian Chernobyl children without any explanation. Before that, Chernobyl children from Ukraine faced the problem of obtaining visas. As reported in the charity organization "Chernobyl Children's Life Line" in the UK, they had received a copy of the document from Mogilev with the British side's refusal to issue 15 visas for children.

«Visas are denied as for children from Ukraine so and for children from Belarus. And the problem is in quite unconstructive approach of the UK Border Agency. Since this year, the agency’s representatives decided to implement new tracking systems, under the guise of ensuring the safety of children’s stay. At present, we have no clear answer, we do not understand the reason for denial and why it happens», the representatives of charitable initiative «Chernobyl Children’s Life Line» said.

The representative of «Chernobyl Children’s Life Line» mentioned «very strange facts» when the children were denied visas. He also reported that from its part the organization was trying to meet with representatives of Border Agency, seeking to be received by the minister, Belarusian service of Radio Liberty informs.

«At the moment, they say that there are a lot of open questions, and if the meeting happens now — and British charity organizations are very emotional — then there will not be constructive discussion. Therefore, perhaps, everybody has to cool down, and meet after that», the representative of British charity organization added.

As Telegraf already reported, before that, the United Kingdom began to deny visas fro Ukrainian Chernobyl children without explanation. According to representatives of charitable organizations of the United Kingdom, «it becomes impossible to work due to the fact that the Border Agency denies too many visas in the last minute».