Budget Surplus Amounted to $98.8 Million in Belarus, Ministry of Finance

01.07.2011 11:02

According to the Ministry of Finance of Belarus, the national budget was executed with a surplus of Br493.4 billion ($98.8 million or 0.7% of GDP) in January-May against 3.2% of GDP of the annual deficit plan.

The budget revenues of the general state administration amounted to Br33.8 trillion (44.3% of the annual plan), while the costs — Br31.9 trillion (38.4% of the annual plan) in January-May 2011.

Republican budget revenues amounted to Br13.8 trillion (41.1% of the annual plan) for the period, costs — Br13.3 trillion (33.4% of the annual plan).

During the first five months of 2011, Br3.3 trillion of the state budget (28.9%) was remitted for the national activities, Br4.4 trillion (35.6%) — for financing the national economy, and Br20.2 trillion (41.8%) — financing the social sphere (social policy, education, health, physical culture, sport, culture and media, the Social Welfare Fund).

Taxes and fees’ arrears amounted to Br62.5 billion on June 1, 2011, which fell to Br10.1 billion in May.