Bus with Tourists from Belarus Overturned in Turkey

15.06.2011 10:18

A bus with Belarusian tourists twice overturned near the resort of Bodrum in Turkey in the morning on June 14. As a result of an accident, 15 people were injured, including four little children. The accident happened on the way to the airport, from where the tourists were to fly home. It was caused by the fact that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

According to the Consul Embassy of Belarus in Turkey, Evgeni Nesterenko, there were no seriously injured in a traffic accident. According to him, the tourists received only minor injuries — scrapes and bruises, they were all taken to the nearest hospital, reports Onliner.by.

The bus belonged to the company Tez Tour. Representatives of tour operators have already declared that all treatment of the Belarusian tourists will be covered by their insurance, and after being put up in Bodrum hotels, they will be able to fly home on June 15.

«The tourists are now giving evidence to the police. There will be initiated an investigation into the case. It’s currently being found out whether the driver was under the state of alcoholic intoxication,» said Evgeni Nesterenko.