Business Development Is Hampered in Ministries, Karyagin

25.08.2010 11:54

Regional officials are interested in the development of entrepreneurship in Belarusian towns. However, the constraint is the regulatory framework and lack of initiative in ministries, at the level of central high-ranked officials. This opinion was expressed by the chairman of Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (MSSPiR), Vladimir Karyagin.

According to the head of MSSPiR, in order to eliminate these barriers, there is an active work in the Ministry of Economy to prepare the presidential directive №4, Ezhednevnik informs.

Vladimir Karyagin believes that the program of small and medium-sized towns’ development established an incentive mechanism for local entrepreneurs, but not for businessmen from cities and the capital. «We have talked about this. There is a need for horizontal integration of business between large and small cities. There is no single mechanism of interaction, same rules of the game. There is a small country and a lot of barriers and obstacles», the head of association of entrepreneurs says.

«We hope that after the adoption of the directive and determination of mechanisms of its realization, something may be moved in a short time. But we should not look for the guilty. We need a systematic complex approach for the interaction of business and authority. And not just dialogue but cooperation should exist between them», Vladimir Karyagin supposes.