Car Drivers Ready to Go on Strike against Queuing up at Belarus's Western Border

27.06.2011 13:34

On weekends, June 25-26, Belarusians newly formed multi-kilometer queues at the border crossings with the Polish. According to Vladimir Katrich, a member of the republican public association "Perspective" if the management of customs authorities don't react to the situation, people will be ready to block the road to enter Poland.

«People rush to buy cars by July 1; they’re waiting more than 24 hours. The line is practically not moving at the border. The Polish side is working efficiently; which can’t be said about the Belarusian customs officers at the entrance to the Republic of Belarus. The line in «Domachevo» is 2.5 miles long, while at «Warsaw Bridge» — 5 kilometers, and at «Peschatka» — more than a kilometer,» Radio «Racyja»
quoted Vladimir Katrich.

The chief of border crossings «Peschatka» said that it took an hour for customs officers to execute one car, purchased in Europe. According to him, the minimum number of employees is working now in customs clearance points, and they are simply unable to cope with the influx of cars.

Meanwhile, according to the State Border Committee of Belarus, at 10:00 a.m. on June 27, there’re queues of cars to travel to Belarus near «Brest-Terespol» Polish border checkpoints (100 cars), as well as «Domachevo» (50 cars). The longest queue to leave the country is in «Bruzhi» (200 cars), «Berestovitsa (40 cars),»Brest-Terespol» (70 cars) and «Domachevo» (30 cars).

As Telegraf previously reported, a similar situation was observed at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border last weekend. Here people had to line up for 30 hours to enter Belarus on June 19. According to the spokesman of the State Border Committee of Belarus, Alexander Tishchenko, the queues were created by car deliverers in the first place. He noted that such a situation had recently become typical of Belarusian borders.