Cases of Female Fraud on Dating Websites Become more Frequent, Police

23.07.2010 13:34
Архив Редакция

In Minsk, there become more frequent the cases of fraud in Internet. Using dating websites, girls agree to meet and under various pretexts ask men to fill their car, pay bills or buy them expensive thing. Having the desired, girls disappear immediately and stop communicating. It was reported in Minsk city police department.

As an example of fraud, the police named a case of Minsk dweller, who visited the website of Minsk city police department.

On July 17, at 20:30, in Loshitsa, at previously designated location, the victim got into the car of a girl, he had met on a dating website. She, in her turn, asked to pay for gasoline, because she had no money. She also offered to go to the lake next day. After the victim paid 38 thousand rubles (13 dollars) for the fuel, they went to the cafe together, from where the girl disappeared seven minutes later. After some time, the girls sent SMS: «I drove away with a friend, everything is under the plan tomorrow, I’ll call you». She has not contacted any more, reported in the police.

In connection with the case, Minsk city police department reminds that under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus the act is qualified as «fraud», with up to ten years’ imprisonment for committing. Law enforcement officers also advise in such cases to remember the car number of a girl (if she was in the car), her phone number and her appearance, as well as call to the police immediately.