Cases of Statkevich and Uss Submitted to Prosecutor

30.03.2011 12:15
Архив Редакция

March 29, Investigative Department of preliminary investigation of Minsk police submitted a criminal case against former presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss, accused of Part 1, Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("Riots") to the prosecutor of Minsk to be sent to the court. This was reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

Politicians are accused of organization of mass riots on December 19, 2010, accompanied by violence, pogroms, destruction of property and armed resistance to the authorities.»

Also, the prosecutor received the cases against Alexander Kviatkevich, Dmitri Bulanov, Andrei Pozniak, Artem Hribkov, accused of committing a crime under Part 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus («Riots»), as well as Alexander Klaskovski, accused of Part 1 and Part 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus («Riots»), Article 369 («Insulting of a government representative») and Article 382 («Unauthorized assignment of rank or authority officer).

«According to the investigation, the guilt of these persons in incriminated acts has been completely proven by the testimony of witnesses and other defendants, photos and videos, as well as other irrefutable evidence, obtained during the criminal investigation,» said the Interior Ministry.

As Telegraf previously reported, Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss were charged on March 18. The latter, among other things, is also accused of the fact that the central restaurant, McDonald’s, which is near Kastrychnitskaya Square, incurred losses of more than Br8 million because of the opposition demonstration on December 19. The representative of McDonald’s restaurant chain in Belarus Arthur Juran said that his company did not present any claims for the lost profits to Dmitri Uss.