Cigarettes to Amount of 330 Thousand Dollars are Confiscated on Belarusian-Latvian Border

16.06.2010 10:29

Belarusian citizen going from Russia to Latvia tried to smuggle more than 410 thousand packs of cigarettes produced in Russia and hidden from customs registration in a load box of a semitrailer of Volvo truck. Tobacco products were confiscated by the customs officers.

Suspicious car was stopped for check on the Belarusian-Latvian border in Braslaw raion in the check point «Urbany», BelTA informs.

The second party of illegal cigarettes was transported in Volvo truck by a citizen of Poland. The car went from Russia to Lithuania without cargo, however the customs officers found out specially equipped hiding place in the floor of the semitrailer where almost 500 packs of cigarettes produced in Russia were hidden.

In this case besides the cigarettes the car as a subject of customs offence commitment was also confiscated. Approximate cost of the car is 450 million roubles.

According to tentative estimation, the Vitsebsk customs stopped illegal export of two parties of cigarettes to preliminary estimated cost about 932.5 million roubles (about 330 thousand dollars).