Cigarettes to Shortly Show up in Minsk Stores

09.06.2011 16:05

Cigarettes of medium and high price segment are still difficult to find in Minsk stores. However, as reported to Telegraf reporter in the Office of Trade Services of Minsk City Executive Committee, cigarettes should shortly appear in Minsk stores.

According to chief of the department of Corporate Affairs of the foreign private company British-American Tobacco Trading Company Sergei Buri, cigarettes are produced in full and delivered to retail outlets. However, the company has no idea why cigarettes are still not in stores (although their prices were established on June 8 — Telegraf).

As Telegraf previously reported, June 8, cigarette of middle and upper price segment of both domestic and foreign production rose in price by 30-60% in Belarus. Corresponding decision № 86 was taken by the Ministry of Economy of Belarus on June 6, 2011. However, the price of Neman lower priced tobacco products remains the same.

In Belarus, the country’s citizens bought up almost all the stocks of cigarettes of middle and upper price segment in the run-up of their price rise.

«Cigarette crisis» (cigarettes of middle segment) occurred in Minsk at the end of May. According to employees of Minsk City Executive Committee, certain government regulations were expected to be adopted to determine the price of cigarettes in stores.