18.04.2011 15:51

The investigation into the terrorist attack in Minsk subway refuses to divulge names of suspects who may be implicated in the explosion on April 11. The KGB and the Prosecutor General's Office believes that disclosure of names of suspected terrorists may "create an additional threat to life and health of the Belarusian citizens."

«Take it right, why their names are not called. There are two aspects. Firstly, investigation is underway, and the announcement of the names might hinder this process. Secondly, there’s a moral component. In fact, backward wave of violence may arise after the announcement of the names. This is what is meant. It is only in terms of ensuring the safety of relatives and others,» said the head of the Information and Public Relations of the KGB Aleksandr Antonovich.

As for some media information about the suspects, detained by the Belarusian law enforcers, the representative of the KGB noted that these information could be dangerous. «I do not know the reason for this. People either do not think about the consequences of their tatements, or pursue any particular goal to be the first and show how good they are,» «Ejednevnik» quoted Alexander Antonovich.

With respect to the media possible liability for such publications, the KGB representative recalled that the General Prosecutor’s Office had already warned that the authors of slanderous comments would be called in for questioning. «The Attorney General has already spoken in this regard in detail and it will be incorrect of me to interpret him,» stressed Alexander Antonovich.

In turn, the Prosecutor’s Office stated that the issue with the publication of the names and portraits of the suspects would be investigated and only then it would trigger some reaction.

Meanwhile, neither the prosecutor’s office nor the KGB specified anything about the details of suspected terrorists, published in some media outlets.

Earlier, as Telegraf previously reported, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved, who heads the investigation into the terrorist attack in Belarus, has warned the media and all citizens about the responsibility for disseminating false information, including the terrorist attack in Minsk, among the population. He also said that all those, spreading «disinformation and alarmist rumors,» would be called in for questioning by the prosecutor.

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