Constitution Allows Confidently Moving Forward, Lukashenko

15.03.2011 09:25
Архив Редакция

March 15, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Belarusians on Constitution Day. "The Basic Law allows confidently moving forward toward creating a strong state and a vibrant modern economy, effective social protection system, original national culture and authoritative international politics," he said. 

According to the President, the constitution represents the will and desire of the Belarusians for «genuine sovereignty, social justice and progress» and its «adoption opened a new page in our history, gave a powerful impetus to the assertion of values ​​of democracy, became an adequate finalizing of the Belarusian State’s legal framework.

The President believes that the Basic Law guarantees rights and freedoms, the rule of law and order, strengthening of civil harmony and stability.» «I am convinced that further strengthening of the constitutional foundations will become a reliable guarantee of successive social reforms in the Republic of Belarus to open creativity, enterprise and initiative of citizens,» said Alexander Lukashenko.